Features of the Red Setter Pedigree Program



1) Its free. Totally. Without strings attached. Copyrighted to forever allow free distribution and modification of the database, and cannot be sold or used to make a profit. The program itself is copyrighted to allow only free distribution and with restrictions against modification or use to make a profit.


2) An full-featured program for producing pedigrees, examining potential breedings, keeping and finding records, and finding relationships between dogs. Produces HTML pedigrees that are web-page ready or can be sent in e-mails.


3) You can add information yourself (however, any information you add yourself stays only on your computer.  This program is not web-linked to the server.  If you have pedigree information that in not in the program database, please send it to the website moderator to be added to the program.)


4) Pictures and extended note sections. Pictures are available only in certain download versions. (this feature is not yet downloadable, but we plan to add this feature later)


5) FDSB and AKC field trial setters and their ancestors only not intended to be used for bench dogs.  Some of the early pedigrees will show bench dogs, since many of the old bench dogs were still working dogs.


6) The database contains field trial championship titles,  FDSB registration numbers and win records, if known, including detailed win records for some dogs. The program contains other factual data where known. It also contains AKC or UK registration numbers for dogs of historical importance that were AKC or UK registered. In cases where pedigree records frequently conflict, such as in the founding dogs, the records obtained directly from the appropriate registering agency are used if at all possible.


7) Contributors of data, and sources of data, are listed whenever possible.


8) Updates are loaded to the server occasionally.  Updates will be noted by the version number of the Pedigree database file... the number indicated the number of dogs in the database.